About us

AL YASMEEN TISSUES & SANITARY NAPKINS MANUFACTURING L.L.C is a rapidly growing company in the market of hygienic products in the Gulf region. We have developed a diversified business portfolio and a great vertical extent of demand. We are committed to excellence and take pride in our state-of-the-art converting machines that produce top-grade caliber products.

Our fundamental business philosophy focuses on standard quality and hardwearing comfort at a competitive cost, which has paved the way for us to manufacture private labels for conservatively conscious clients. Our wide range of highly conceptualized products, such as [insert product examples], are a testament to our commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our customers.


Our objective is to deliver exceptional quality products that are highly recommended by our end-users to their friends and families. Our merchandise is favored by establishments for their customers, purchased for their clients, and embraced by employees who take pride in their association with our company – all of which culminate in the long-term return and stability of our business.


We strive to become the foremost and highly distinguished manufacturer of hygienic products, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence. Our commitment to delivering safe, top-quality products that provide guaranteed satisfaction to customers worldwide, at rates that are affordable to developing markets, is unwavering. We are committed to putting our customers at the center of everything we do, and strive to improve their quality of life and well-being by creating sustainable, ecological, and economically viable products. Additionally, we recognize the importance of protecting and preserving the environment, and take responsibility for our impact by adopting environmentally-friendly practices in all our operations.

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